Friday, January 20, 2006

Time Warp

Wow. That last post seems like so long ago. But really it wasn't that long. THe Diary of Anne Frank opens next Friday and hopefully we'll have the set painted and fixed to the director's liking.
I got to knit for the show though. Anne makes her father (Otto Frank) a scarf, which she knits in the dark after she's supposed to have gone to bed. After two years of knitting, it's really difficult to go back on your instinct and let some of the stitches fall all the way to the bottom of the scarf. To make YO's for the sake of increasing without thinking about it. It's really rather a cute scarf, made from random bits of yarn that begin and end without planning.
I'm also making a sweater for Mrs. Frank to wear later because she knits during the show, so why not make a sweater and a half? It's really cute, but not done yet.