Sunday, December 23, 2007

December 20th

My baby brother is eighteen and I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday he was shorter than me. Now he's on the brink of manhood. The next few years will, I believe, shape the adult he is fast becoming. The jump, leap from eighteen to let's say, twenty or twenty-one is mind boggling when you look back on it. On how much you actually change. Granted there are other, more significant leaps, but this is the one that has impacted me the most.

I admit that I wait with baited breath to see what he's going to come up with next. My brother is an inventor, and innovator, a steampunk, a bookworm, a lion, a gentleman and a gentle man. He's kind, strong, brave, insightful, quiet, loving, and warm. I treasure his hugs, his moments of mischief, and there are many of those, his smiles, laughter, and jokes.

Eighteen years ago I wanted to name him Tigerlilly. I was four at the time and my favorite film was Mary Martin's Peter Pan, can you blame me? I hope not too much. I remember lying awake at my aunt's house, snuggled into my sleeping bag, when the phone rang. I had a baby brother. I was taken down to the hospital in the snow to meet him, this tiny squirmy red bundle of baby brother. We've had our spats, arguments, and fights, it's all part of being siblings. There will be more in the future, that's human nature. The really special thing about our relationship is how much we love each other. Our bond is so strong, it's a little surprising at times, and other times I'm so glad it's there. Cultivated when we were young, and nurtured as we grow older, may it last for years to come.

Well world, here's my Big Little Brother. Watch out. He's an amazing artist who will surprise you with his humor, embrace you with his love, and watch you with his insight. Oh, yeah, and he's probably inventing something on the side that's likely to blow up, or careen madly around the house, so do watch your step.
I love you Big Guy!