Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The MAC Sweater

Well, that time has come. The time when it is done being knitted (GASP!) and ready for blocking, and seaming. Right after I seam the sucker up just to make sure everything fits. Natch. It's been a long slog to finish it, and now that it's actually done, I'm not quite sure I want to seam it up and everything. I do want to make a snazzy one out of something nice like wool or something, but the pattern still needs A LOT of work before it's ready to go anywhere. Maybe by Fall? I dunno.
I want to do some kind of piping along the edges like the jacket from the movie, but I'm not sure yet how to do that. I-cord or single crochet? And for pete's sake I need to to that in a yarn that won't 1) shed white fuzzies ALL over a navy blue sweater, and 2) a yarn that won't soak up any other colour should I need to wash the MAC sweater.
There, rant over. I hope.
I need some photos of the MAC sweater to comemorate this momentous point in time! That will need to wait until I get home.