Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Noise and The Quiet

It is cold here, but thankfully there isn't any hard wind.  That would make the crisp air miserable.  Instead we are being bathed with golden sunlight, reminding us that Spring will be here soon enough.
The Robins and Starlings have returned, I had forgotten how much I missed them.  Living in the city it is hard to remember the movements of nature because all too often it is drowned out under the onslaught of vehicle noise, people, machinery, sirens, etc.  I visited my mother last night, as I was walking over to her house I was struck by how peaceful the quiet is in West Seattle.  The air is cleaner. You can smell cedar, pine, salt brine brought up the cliff by the breeze.  Starlings quibble with each other as crows scream their delight for life above your head.  The occasional car whooshes by.  Bliss.

I am surrounded by noise, each and every day.  The clacking and whirring of the coffee grinder at the school cafe.  The deep bellows of "Door!" as the chefs bang in and out of the kitchen.  Students making the dull murmur as conversations overlap, punctuated by snatches of opera, over it all are the acting students.  Shrieking, laughing, cackling like a gaggle of banshees.  I often resort to the peace of the library or writing center so I can hear myself think.  Other times I like the "white noise" that the cafe provides.  It drones out all the ancillary thoughts in my head and lets me focus on one train.  Paper writing.  Drawing.  Reading.  I prefer the Shire, but I live in Gondor.

Today I am stuck in a half-dream between art class and lunch.  Awaiting the start of Burlesque!  I am very excited.  Then on to talking about work in contemporary society this evening and my production meeting for my show at school.
Long busy day.  For now I sip my coffee and relish the white noise as I watch the gardeners swapping the Winter annuals out for Spring ones across the street.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas was spent very quietly.  Well, mostly quiet save for the sound of coughing and sniffles.  Nate and I made it to my parent's house for a quiet evening of dinner and exchanging gifts.  My mom decorates the house so nicely, simple and charming without being too busy or commercial.  Just how I like it.

Our newest wee cousin came to visit with his dear parents and was hilariously fought over.  We all wanted to cuddle the baby!

Our little tree!

Mr. P says, "that's all for now!"


Thursday, January 03, 2013

Still Here!

I'm not dead, really.  I've just been very, very busy catching up on my...sleep.  I've got posts about Christmas, New Year's and all the knitting that has been going on coming up as well as the start of my Senior Year at Cornish!  Whee!  Stay tuned for more zany fun.