Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slowly . . .

It seems that I should be more excited about my life at present, but with the onset of a nasty throat/head cold I find myself only wishing to sleep.
Monday night I landed my first "I did it all by myself" theatre gig with a company called Breathing Space Ministries. No, wait- Nate found the gig, but I landed it. Credit where credit is due.
Breathing Space is doing a show about one woman's journey towards knowing Christ as a series of "episodes". This being episode one, and the others not yet written, it's going to be an interesting experience. Rehearsals are in full swing right now, and because of my cold I haven't gotten to one yet. Tomorrow night if I'm feeling up to it, or Friday night, for sure.
It was the first time in an interview situation that I felt utterly confidant of myself and my abilities. It was amazing. At one point the director and the writer looked at each other and said, in hushed stage whispers, "I like her. We should hire her."
"Me too. Let's."
Then they look at me, smile and say, "So,do you want the job?"

Heh. Do I? Of course! It doesn't pay, but it's an outside credit for my resume before I go off to school in the fall. The more I can get under my belt in the real world, the more I believe school will take me.

For now, I'm taking it easy, drinking LOADS of water and hot tea, and eating soup, like the Pho steaming away at the top. So I'm off for now, my dears. Take care!