Monday, May 13, 2013

Silent Mamas

Mother's Day was, until three years ago, a day of celebrating my mother and looking forwards to the day I can be a mama too.  It wasn't until I endured, suffered, experienced loosing my own tiny little baby that I came to think about the mothers who don't show any outward signs of being a mama.  And I want to acknowledge them too.

This would have been my third mother's day, and then my child's third birthday.  It still is my third mother's day, and I'm kissing my little one in my heart.

This is my mother, and the mother of four children.  She also lost a little one, and waited eight long years before she and my Dad welcomed me into the world.  Aslan, the cat in the picture above, was her other baby and I am sure helped fill the void in her heart, at least until I came along!  
Heehee.  Sorry, buddy.

Arasmus is my Aslan.  My snuggle buddy until such a time as I have children or am able to get a puppy.  

Celebrate the Mamas, and then take a quiet moment to send comfort to those whose time will come.  Send them love and peace.

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