Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ladies who Brunch

One of the delights of growing up is spending time with people in totally new ways.  My mom and I have had a lovely relationship throughout my childhood, but it wasn't until recently that we have started spending time together as adults.  We go out for brunch, we peruse antique stores, go shopping at the thrift stores for treasures.  China is our favourite thing to look for.  
It is really wonderful for me to get to know my mom as an adult, we're becoming closer friends and often dissolve into giggles like a couple of little girls.  It is a very special time for me.
Anyway, I thought I would share some of the snaps of a recent trip to Pacific Galleries Antique Mall which is a little beyond Seattle's SODO district.  Pacific Galleries is HUGE!  I've been in some large antique malls, but this one is so easy to get lost in.  They have a wide range of items from furniture, and home goods to jewelry, some toys, books, and interesting knickknacks.

I was particularly taken by this World War 1 era German helmet.  It's got little knob-like protrusions on either side, almost like you could clip something on to it.

Each avenue has it's own name, like a little city within a building, but I still got lost.

Pretty watercolour-like china pattern.  The fuzzy flowers are too funny!

Someone had put a little matchbox inside a set of nesting Asian boxes and collected the tiny, ripped corners of money.  I thought for one second that I had stumbled upon someone's allowance, but was then throughly amused by their collection.  Every time I see a torn off corner of a bill I want to start my own.  Only I collect too many things already.

My parents have been working hard on clearing some of the overgrowth at their house.  It has widened up the view considerably, and even this picture doesn't do it justice!  It is so very lovely there.

And what trip to the antique store would be complete without some tom-foolery?  Or Anna-foolery, in this case?  Mom and I had coffee, so I put my spoon on my nose.  I might be 27 years old, but I am resolved to remember how to be silly once in a while!

Until next time.


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