Monday, October 03, 2011

Evenings with Jane Austen

School is going well over all.  I have three days where I can go home for a bit before heading back to rehearsal for Pride and Prejudice.  I feel like I am learning a lot in how to work with other people, particularly in a design position.  I am in a class called Studio.  In it we design a hypothetical play just so we have some experience with the process before graduating.  It's been interesting to learn how to express the ideas I see in my head on to paper in the form of drawings, or to find imagery that evokes the particular feeling.

The majority of my time in spent in dear Raisbeck Performance Hall with the dear cast and crew of P&P. I am ASM for this show and enjoying the experience, even if I wish I had more time for homework.  One cannot really read while trying to take down accurate blocking!

Mostly I am exhausted, but oddly chipper about the whole thing.  I look forward to P&P being open so I can have evenings back with the Mister.  Until then, it's off to Regency fashion, and proper etiquette!

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