Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have many wishes at present.  I wish school were done for the year.  I wish it were warmer.  I wish I had a flying monkey to help with work.  Some wishes can't come true right-this-minute-now, but others, like these will blossom once the 2nd week of May is upon us.

During my President's Day sale steal, I happened upon this darling pattern,
Of course, I was eyeing the cutie-pie dress on the bottom (I'm much more of a knee length girl) that it wasn't until I got it home and was slowly looking it over that I realised there was an option for a tie back version! (View D)  So many dresses were in my head!

I have a bunch of cute prints that I've been hoarding as I go thrifting for when school is over and I can sit and cut them out, and stitch them into lovely things to wear!  There was a class field trip that I tagged along to this morning.  We did the local fabric run, Pacific Fabric in Northgate, Display and Costume, and finally to Nancy's Sewing Basket in Queen Anne.  If you have never gone, you mustmustmust visit!  The staff is so friendly, the selection is absolutely lovely, and they have a ribbon room...full of ribbon to make your head spin!  At Nancy's I found many yummy fabrics, but this one in particular made me swoon and giggle.

Little pea green elves running about with their Persian Elephants and balloons!!  I'm a little giddy.  This is probably going to be a tie-back dress (view D above) for summer.  Or I'm going to use a button on the back and cut an interesting shape for the open back piece.  Either way I cannot WAIT to make and wear the hell out of this lovelyness.  See what I mean about the wishing?  I wish this dress was done and waiting in my closet...soon my lovely, soon!

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