Thursday, August 23, 2012

Morrison - Part Two

The rest of our days consisted of cleaning out all of the places we could find (or think of) in the attic, basement, second & first floors.  Up around 7:30 and in bed sometime around 1:30 am because of the heat.  Work until it was time for lunch and giggle at how we were all eating like farmhands.  Work makes you hungry!  In between cleaning were moments of beautiful discovery, such as this letter from Levi Handford dated September 14th, 1795.  1795 people!!  That is the oldest thing I have ever held in my two (clean *ahem*) hands.  Wowza.

Enormous Ledgers 
(It was as big as a two-year old child!)

Family photos & tintypes

Sunday we went to church.  My mom and I attended the Presbyterian church and then walked over to Ann & Aunt Marion's to have cake and coffee.
The County Farm Bureau was once the Fallout Shelter

We think it's very cute that Ann attends the Church of St. Anne.

Waiting in the beautiful garden beside St. Anne's.

After church there was a jaunt to the Morrison Museum where bits of family history can be found such as this High School portrait of Aunt Marion.

The football team from 1915 and a Shia Lebeouf look-a-like!

I put coins on the rail road tracks.  I know you're not supposed to do that, but when in Morrison, do as the Wildi girls do.  It's a rite of passage.

Great Grandpa Carl's work room in the basement.

Tired and happy toes at the end of a long, good day!

Dear Scott.  This was shot by a family member and stuffed.  My Uncle Scott wanted it so we took to calling it "Deer Scott".  

In the cool of the evening we gals could be found lounging and chatting on the front porch of Grape St House.  Since we had to do a Radon Test (closed windows and doors for 48 hours!) it was the only place with a cool breeze.  Apparently the neighbors found our lounging on the front porch to be amazing.  Aunt Marion hadn't sat out there once in the 25 years she lived at Grape St.!

The 92 year old Ginko Tree that was planted the day Aunt Marion was born.

The Sun Room

The fabulous bricks that make up the front porch.  These bricks can be found in remnants of sidewalks around the house and I was sorely temped to wiggle a lone one free and take it home.  But I resisted.

Aunt Margarete was affectionately referred to as our "German Cleaning Lady."  Originally from Germany, she found Grandpa Carl a delight to chat with since he was raised speaking German in the home.  Aunt Margarete cleaned the kitchen and made us lunches while we hauled dusty everything out to the dumpster.  We gals all aspired to clean things as well as she, but never quite got the hang of it.
Do not be fooled by the seeming solemnity of this picture, Margarete is quick with a giggle or a conspiratorial wink.  She is darling and I enjoyed every moment with her.

Some of the sunsets were gloriously orange and this picture had to be filtered to get the accurate colour!  It was amazing.

All of the fire hydrants in Morrison are silver.

The Sauer (correct spelling Miss Editor?) House across the street.

To finish this edition of Morrison I leave you with a collection of photos, family and otherwise. 
There was an empty frame hanging on the back of the garage door, so we filled it with this charming little lady.  There was debate as to whether she was a boy or a girl.  I like girl.

Great Grandma Martha.

I believe this is my namesake, Anna Handford Kentfield, but I could be mistaken.  
My Editor will let me know.

Martha, a lady, and Carl out for a canoe ride.

Aunt Marion and Uncle Bob circa 1953

I believe this was a prom dress of Aunt Marion's.  Very cute!

We ended at Dairy Queen one night for salad and ice cream.  Mom found they had Mini-Blizzards (on the right) and I got a small (left).  It was very nummy, I can't remember the last time I had a Blizzard.

Ta for now my dears!  Third installment to come soon and once I finish editing the videos I took there will be "Movies from Morrison"!  Whee!


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