Friday, November 04, 2005

Make that one...

We've only one day until TSOM opens! As it is past midnight and i'm still awake at the theatre. There was a preview tonight, (last night) and we had a small but nice audience. Tomorrow should prove to be a packed house.
Being in theatre is such an amazing process, going from the first reading of the script, into laborious rehearsals wondering, "will it ever come together?", and finally standing upon the precipice of Opening Night. However, that's not the end of a play. You still have some many performances to do, and not by rote. You put your all into each and every one so that by the final, you're at your top performance. Sadly that's when the walls come crashing down. Your show is over, the costumes you wore that made you into another person are put away to be embodied by someone else. Your props are disbanded, put in boxes, to await thier next foray onto the stage in the hands of another person. All in all, it's an awfully someber event. The worst of all is watching your set come down. That set, minimalist, or grandiose, was your world. It was the place you came each night to tell a story. It may have been your house, your town, someplace that was all your own. In a matter of hours, and with the aid of power tools, it's gone. Like a wind in the grass.
However, to add a note or two of hope to this somber post, I'll end with this:
For all the sadness of closing a show, there is equal and greater joy in opening another.

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