Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thrifted Curiosities

This is going to be a weekly round-up of things I've either found and brought home or passed up this time around.
I bought this little switch plate to spiff up the bedroom decor.  I used the existing screws and simply placed the other plate in a zippy bag for when we move out eventually.  Little mods like this can help transform your living space more "yours" while still staying within the requirements of your apartment managers.

This salt and pepper set made me giggle.  It wasn't too expensive but I wasn't sure if I would actually use them.

I tried coloured jeans for the first time and I'm rather hooked.  There was a green pair that I really wanted, however it wasn't in my size.  Perhaps I'll hunt up a white pair and dye them.  Simple and easy way to spiff up outfits!

These were a yummy linen blend but several sizes too large, someone else will get lots of good wear out of these.

My treat this round was to bring home these cute little flats with an ankle buckle detail.  I already have one pair of black flats but they are quite flat whereas these have a little more arch support.  And, really, who can say no to $4 shoes!?  Not I!

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