Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thrifting Finds...and things left behind.

I've been doing rather a lot of shopping in ye olde thrift stores lately and wanted to share some of my finds with you!

Firstly there is Rupert, the patron cat of crafting.  I have yet to mount a hook in the ceiling for him to hang from, but he is sitting quite happily on my sewing table for now.

Then there is this sweet little tea cup that simply had to come home with me.  It lacked a saucer, so I kept setting it on the lonely ones until we found one that suited it.  Oddly enough it's a Pottery Barn saucer which feels so 1950's when combined with the cup I keep thinking it's older.  I must admit, every time I go thrifting, it is incredibly difficult to not purchase all the lonely tea cups.  Just the ones that have no mates, the ones that have no set to go with, just sitting there with the other orphaned tea cups waiting to be adopted.  I keep wanting to open an Etsy shop called The Teacup Orphanage where sweet lonely little cups go to find happy, loving families.  I am restraining myself because I'm not sure I could store all the cups until they were shipped.  Someday.  When I have space.

These plates were so awesome!  I have a bit of a thing for the way a plate sounds.  It may seem odd, definitely my particularity about certain sounding plates.  I think it's because I like the way plates sound in period films, that certain clack sound rather than the higher pitched tinkling of say, Corningware.  Stoneware is lovely, and some china.  These sounded lovely.  20-22 plates, two bitty torueens, one large tureen, two HUGE platters and one normal sized platter.  *sigh*  Lovely things left behind for someone else to love as much as I.

This marvelous piece of furniture would be a fabulous way to store crafting supplies.  It has a secretary desk that folds out so you could even have a little work station that tidies itself when you need to take a break!  How cool would that be?!  I didn't even care that some of the window wood-work was gone.  It gave it more charm to me.  Clearly this piece has a story and had adventures.  

Well, those are the thrifting finds and leavings.  I should do this kind of post more often because I find many interesting, bizarre, and amazing things!  Excepting the teacup and saucer these were all from the Capitol Hill Value Village.  It's awesome!

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