Monday, January 02, 2012

I resolve to...

01)  Draw More.  I need to keep my hand up to snuff and it's just plain ole fun.

02)  Work on my time management.

03)  Manage and cultivate my Etsy business

04)  Take more pictures

05)  Post more on this blog!  Starting with a themed weekly post...hmmmn.

06)  Knit another sweater for me!

07)  Knit more socks.

08)  Sew more.  A dress a month?  A week?  Yes.

09)  Make time for date night.  Even if it's just spaghetti at home.

10)  Driver's License!  Yes, I've said this for years...perhaps this is the year.

11)  Take more walks with friends...and in general.  Exercise happily.

12) Aim for All A's both semesters!  No more settling for B+

13)  Yarn bomb with Sonya. ;)

14)  Try 365 again.

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